About Ahakompagniet

The Aha! moment or  refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept We help people and organisation creating this learning sound.

At AHA Kompagniet we are committed to releasing each individual’s potential and the energy in teams. With over 15 years in the events and team building industry, we are an experienced, reliable partner who takes responsibility for ensuring your team has an incredible experience. We are widely recognised as the leader in team building activities in Denmark, having won several awards of our original team building activities, so if you are seeking something unique and proven you’ve come to the right place. We stand out from our competitors because we are always looking for new concepts and ideas. This is what led us to take on the exclusive license for Catalyst team building products in Denmark.


Meet the tean

Fini Krabbenhoeft

Fini Krabbenhøft


Escaperoom Specialist and event instructor.

Helianne Blais

Helianne Blais

Musical Instructeor

Violin and musical instructor

Claudia Munksgaard

pernille johansson


Eventcoordinator and relations responsible

Jacob Palmquist

Jacbok Palmquist


Gamemaster, Keynote speaker and performance coach.

Jonas Lind Bendixen

Jonas Lind Bendixen


Acting workshops and event instructor.

Christel Baekstad

Christel Bæksted

Musical Instructor

Teambuilding and Musical events