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How much do an effective Tean buidling activity cost? One cannot ignore the fact that team building costs are different and prices will depend on the number of people attending the event, where the event will take place and the chosen activity. The table below lists the prices (from budget activities to high class) for different groups of participants. There are many options between these price ranges, and our team will gladly cover the costs associated with a specific event.


Teambuilding Activities

We have 3 basic price categories

Price categoryPricePrice per. person
A9.995,- excl. VAT250,- per. person
B7.995,- excl. VAT250,- per. person
C3.995,- excl. VAT250,- per. person

For groups over 100 and larger, we make discounts.


Number of participantsPrice
0-15 people15.500,00,- excl. VAT incl. 1 activity
15-30 people18.500,00,- excl. VAT incl. 1 activity
31-60 people25.500,00,- excl. VAT incl. 1 activity

In addition, costs for premises and catering.


Price Category: D

6-12 participantsPrice
1 game2.500,- excl. VAT
6 game12.500,00,- excl. VAT
12 game24.000,00,- excl. VAT
20 game36.000,00,- excl. VAT
12-30 Pax            Price
1 game3.000,00,- excl. VAT
6 game16.500,00,- excl. VAT
12 game30.500,00,- excl. VAT
20 game48.000,00,- excl. VAT


Copenhagen250,- excl. VAT
Zealand550,- excl. VAT
Fyn1250,- excl. VAT
Jutland1550,- excl. VAT

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