Ideas for location

We have a selected a number of great team building locations in Denmark that we would recommend . Picking the best location for your team building event is very important . We can come yo you , use the city or visit one of the many great team building locations around Denmark and abroad.   We have split our recommendations into 5 regions . You final choice should fit your budget but also a suited surroundings or team building activities and social bonding activities. 



We now Copenhagen very well having being located ourselves in the area around Nyhavn for the last 15 years. There are many great ways of using the city and we can help you find a suitable location both known and less known . If doing g muligheder i kan bruge . If you do  your event in Copenhagen i recommend that you take advantage of the excellent bars and restaurants for your group. Here is a small selection of nice places .


Timequest  Escaperooms

Scandic Sluseholmen


We know Zealand very well and have run more than 250 events i this specific area. . So if your looking for a great place or have an idea we probably know the location and can give you some advice on what works there. 

Sørup Herregård

Kysthusene Gilleleje

Bautahøj kursuscenter    

Kolle Kolle Værløse

Teambuilding Fyn

Between Jutland and Zealand, in the middle of Denmark, lies the fairytale island of Fyn, also called the food chamber of Denmark. With its fertile land and more than 1200 km coastline it has a number of old Castle and Manors to stay at.  The beautiful landscape and central location in the middle of Denmark makes Fyn a great choice if you have offices located both  east and west in Denmark. 

Storebælt Sinatur Hotel & Konference

Sixtus Sinatur Hotel & Konference

Gl. Avernæs Sinatur Hotel & Konference

hotel vejlefjord


Jutland is a peninsula bounded by the North Sea to the west, the Skagerrak to the north, the Kattegat and Baltic Sea to the east, and Germany to the south. Great cool and modern cities and old manors and Castles combined with a beautiful nature makes Jutland e great choice. The location of many cooperate and production companies makes it a busy conference area escapecilly int the triangle region consisting of Fredericia, Vejle, Kolding and Middelfart. 

Legoland hotel og  conference

Hotel fuglesøcentret