Flat Out Formula One

Teams construct and race life-size F1 racing cars

Teams construct and race life-size F1 racing cars

In Flat Out — Formula 1 Teams construct an almost full size Formula 1 racing car from a flat pack kit with in a tight time frame. Once constructed, teams decorate their cars so that they are will stand out on the track. Finally, the Grand Prix moment arrives, teams line their cars up at the start line. The chequered flag flies and the cars are off and racing with one team member at the wheel as it is pushed down the track. In a spectacular awards ceremony, the top 3 teams take to the podium.

Learning Outcomes

Teams must effectively allocate roles and tasks and ensure close cross functional cooperation to ensure the construction goes according to plan and within the given time frame. Its a challenging project that requires the application and engagement of all team members to succeed. Teams use their creative and artistic skills in pimping their F1 car. As the final race will be won or lost of tight pit changes, teams practise to improve process. The final race fuels healthy competitive spirit between the teams!

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Group size

12-300 People

Key themes

Communication, Creativity, Project Management, Visions, Innovation, High performing teams, Engagement, Values


2 - 4 Hours

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